This journal is a part of my Academic and Business Writing assignment. I apologize if there are any errors. You can give some feedback to me. Thank you 🙂

Homework: Your journal 1



Writing English and I

Refer to writing in English, Writing E-mail is the writing type that I usually use. Since I write to contact with my clients who be the foreigner for inform the progress, file documents etc. For this reason, I need to increase my writing skill to write various styles. So I take “Academic and Business Writing course” by EDx to improve my writing skill.

Currently, I’ve planned to write the essay or the SoP ( statement of purpose) for apply the overseas Master degree scholarships. I’m worried that I’ll fall short because I almost write only Thai on my life. Since I never write in English seriously in my life, my writing English skill is a beginner level. I believe taking this course be useful to me as follows:

  1. Develop my writing skill flowing, smooth, grammatically correct and professionally more and more.
  2. Bring the knowledge from this course to use in my job; such as writing professionally e-mail, progress report, meeting minutes, essay, letter etc.
  3. Use your free time effectively
  4. Save the tuition fees 

However, The academic writing is the most necessary area which I need to improve. As it is a part of IELTs and TOEFL test. If I can’t do it well, my score will be low that cause my profile is unqualified. So I think the “Academic and Business Writing course” will help my writing English skill grow up more than ever. From beginner level to upper intermediate or expert level. I hope this journal be helpful who have the same goal more or less.

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